Sylvie Blum – Naked Beauties
160 pages, 27 x 34 cm , 2165 g.
Sylvie Blum – Naked Beauties
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Steeped in photographic tradition, Sylvie Blum has worked as a model with such iconic artists as Helmut Newton, Andreas H. Bitesnich, and Gunter Blum before trying her hand at photography herself.

As she works, she bathes the studio in a gentle glow with an exacting attention to lighting; yet, her endearing and fun-filled personality sets her subject at ease. Blum brings not just perfection but passion to her work--though her technique and composition are remarkable--because both as a woman and artist, Sylvie Blum is able to offer a unique perspective on the female form. She simply 'gets' how important the subject is to the creative process.

Each impeccable image transcends sculptured form to convey the true essence of a beautiful and confident woman.
EditorDavid Fahey
LanguageGerman, French, English, Spanish
ContributorsAnne Wilkes Tucker
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