Roni Horn – The Rose Prblm
60 pages, 28 x 30.5 cm
Roni Horn – The Rose Prblm
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"A drawing in the 'Th Rose Prblm' cuts together two drawings. Each with one of two phrases. Composing these two phrases in their various iterations: “Rose is a rose is a rose” or “a rose is a rose is a rose” with “come up smelling like roses” or “coming up smelling like a rose”, etc. leads to all kinds of nonsense. But it also leads to another sense. I found a lot of humor here, some of it pretty dumb. Composing these phrases into all the possible outcomes became a metaphor for identity. There are 48 drawings and it’s one work. Cumulatively the shades of meaning obtain a complexity and range that stand in for the mutable, changeable nature of identity. I also found that the more I did the more there was." Roni Horn
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