Out of the Jar
240 pages, 25 x 28.5 cm , 1538 g.
Out of the Jar
Crafted Spirits & Liqueurs
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Creative handcrafted spirits: This book presents an inspiring overview of the best distilleries around the world.

Gin from Berlin, whiskey from New York's oldest distillery, herbal liqueurs from the Chiemgau foothills: Out of the Jar features a wide array of spirits from small manufacturers and private distilleries that produce regional products using premium ingredients. The revolution experienced over the last few years in the fields of coffee, bread, and craft beer is influencing the production of spirits too. The discerning connoisseur seeks that special drop made by artisanal manufacturers in limited batches. It is a rebellion against the uniformity of the standard product range, as well as an expression of creativity, innovation, and the joy of a good drink. Out of the Jar offers a selection of the best and most unusual drinks in this category and tells the stories behind them. It reports on historic family-run distilleries experiencing their revival, young lateral thinkers, and wild adventure-seekers on the hunt for extraordinary raw materials and radical outcomes.

The book shows the spectrum of possibilities that can result from experimenting with unusual ingredients. The characteristics of different spirits are explained, and insights into their production are offered along with original recipe ideas. Last but not least, these drinks' witty labels and imaginative packaging are also explored. Out of the Jar is a guide book for professionals, gourmet enthusiasts, and people who are interested in craft spirits and liqueurs. Whether at a bar or at home, these sophisticated drinks demonstrate an advanced appreciation for alcohol's finest; they can be used to create distinctive cocktails or to enhance your cooking. Here's to you!
EditorCathrin Brandes, Christian Schneider, Dirk Mönkemöller et al.
Author(s)Cathrin Brandes, The Weekender, Christoph Keller
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