Born-Free: Motorcycle Show
320 pages, 215 x 28 cm , 1780 g.
Born-Free: Motorcycle Show
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Change your life, buy a bike. Become a part of the motorcycle family. Live to ride, ride to live. You were born free!

Born-Free is the Woodstock of the motorcycle scene: the world’s biggest gathering for riders of vintage custom motorcycles. Every season the community celebrates a shared passion for building and riding motorcycles. It’s all about finding the next epic road and enjoying the feeling of spending time outside, with your friends or all alone, with scenic landscapes, the sun on your face, the sound of the wind, and the engine revving at your command. It means going back to the basics, just the winning combination of human and machine. Riding clears the mind and gives freedom to think at a welcome distance from everyday problems. Some say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a motorcycle and that’s pretty close. What are you waiting for? Ride with us!

The Born-Free Book is created by DicE Magazine. DicE was launched in London by MATT DAVIS & DEAN MICETICH in 2004, and is now published in Los Angeles. We lost Matt Davis in 2016 to cancer, but his legacy lives on and DicE is being continued on by Dean. The Born-Free book features photography by Ben Zales, who is a 24-years-old photographer based in Los Angeles and the Creative Direction is by Shane Markland, a 42-year-old ex model and LA native. He still does various naked photo shoots when he needs extra cash.
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