The Helsinki School 4
188 pages, 29.8 x 24.5 cm , 1402 g.
The Helsinki School 4
Vol. 4, A Female View
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Photography has in the meantime become one of Finland’s biggest exports. Graduates of Aalto University's Schlool of Art and Design in Helsinki exhibit their pictures around the globe. Also extraordinarily successful are previous volumes of The Helsinki School, a series devoted to these young artists and their works.

Now, the fourth volume of the series focuses on female artists, inquiring into the possibility of a special female point of view. Innovative concepts and techniques as well as a variety of forms distinguish the work of this generation of photographers—the spectrum ranges from Tiina Itkonen’s documentary-style pictures of Greenland and Anni Leppälä’s theatrically staged interiors to the painterly nature studies by Sandra Kantanen. Timothy Persons presents the twenty artists and their highly individual artistic stances.

Artists featured:
Elina Brotherus, Nanna Hänninen, Maarit Hohteri, Wilma Hurskainen, Tiina Itkonen, Ulla Jokisalo, Aino Kannisto, Sanna Kannisto, Sandra Kantanen, Eeva Karhu, Marjaana Kella, Milja Laurila, Anni Leppälä, Jaana Maijala, Susanna Majuri, Riitta Päiväläinen, Nelli Palomäki, Marjukka Vainio, Ea Vasko, Niina Vatanen, Saana Wang, Pernilla Zetterman
PublisherHatje Cantz
ContributorsAndrea Holzherr, Timothy Persons
Article IDart-15886


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