Max Pam – Ramadan in Yemen (sign.)
94 pages, 28.3 x 28.3 cm , 1608 g.
Max Pam – Ramadan in Yemen (sign.)
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Max Pam was twenty years old when he left Australia, in 1969, to work as a photography assistant. His interest in Islamic culture and history eventually led him to Yemen, where, in 1993, he spent the month of Ramadan travelling throughout the country. While visiting Shibam, Taiz, Al Mukallah, and Sanaa, he shot sixty rolls of black-and-white film with his medium-format camera, and kept a journal to document his journey.

Pam’s photographic diary was published, in 2011, as “Ramadan in Yemen,” a limited-edition, ninety-two-page book.
PublisherÉditions Bessard
Illustrationswith num. b/w ills
Museum / PlaceParis
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