Art – A Sex Book
208 pages, 20.9 x 22.9 cm , 794 g.
Art – A Sex Book
by John Waters & Bruce Hainley
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Cult movie director and artist John Waters has teamed up with acclaimed critic and curator Bruce Hainley to offer an interpretation of sex and sexuality today for this remarkable and original 'exhibition in a book'.

"Contemporary art is sex – it's all about sex", Waters tells us, and in the book he and Hainley have selected and carefully arranged a wide range of work, from startling graphic depictions of the body and sexual acts to abstract images suggesting the erotic. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and video – all find their place here. In a frank and often hilarious conversation, the authors talk about their selection and their placing of the works. Along the way, they consider many of the issues raised by the art and discuss – with humour and seriousness alike – how it reflects attitudes towards sex and and the body in today's world.

Questionnaires devised by Waters and Hainley, and answered by fourteen featured artists, offer colourful insights into sex and its relationship with art, while the authors lists of favourite 'sex reads' provide leads to further stimulation. This book will appeal to anyone interested in exploring the place of sex within contemporary society and discovering how it continues to inspire and provoke our leading artists. Andy Warhol, Larry Clark, Richard Kern, Sarah Lucas, Cy Twombly, Lily van der Stokker, Jeff Burton, Karen Kilimnik and Paul McCarthy are just some of the 70 well known artists in the book.
PublisherThames & Hudson
Illustrationswith 175 (147 col.) ills
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