Juergen Teller – Nürnberg
132 pages, 32 x 31.5 cm , 1532 g.
Juergen Teller – Nürnberg
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Juergen Teller has spent the last year carrying out a study of the "Reichsparteitagsgelande", the site of the Nurnberg Rallies, and a place he used to visit in his youth. The results are a series of images of stone and flora, photographed over the four seasons of a year, in seed, bloom, demise and finally dormant in the snow. It amounts to a study of mortality, the process of birth, growth and death.

The book combines these works with self-portraits and family photographs through the same period, adding the perspective of the personal and quotidian life cycle.
Illustrationswith num. ills
ContributorsSadie Coles
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