Martin d'Orgeval – Pâques
120 pages, 18.5 x 23.4 cm , 462 g.
Martin d'Orgeval – Pâques
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Martin d'Orgeval's (*1973) work centres on highly dramatic still lives and landscapes. Alternating documentary style and abstraction, his photographs transpose the sculptural dimension of their subjects and lend the medium a poetic aura of reality.

“I travelled to Easter Island in the winter. In July. The isolation, the climate and the elements as well as the statues, all created an oppressive atmosphere that is a long way from the tourist images. I wanted to face that, to grasp this uneasy mixture through my own contemplation. This book is above all an inner narrative.
I walk, looking at the ground, photographing what is around me, what is given... A book made up of surfaces. Pages of matter. Fragments. The texture of a rock resonates in me like the vibration of a string. Roughness, buzzing, racket or, soon, respiration, silence, emptiness. I photograph the permanent. What has always been and will always be; what is constant.” (Martin d’Orgeval)


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