Hanne Darboven – Urzeit / Uhrzeit
246 pages, 30.3 x 43.6 cm , 4360 g.
Hanne Darboven – Urzeit / Uhrzeit
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This luscious artists book includes a selection from Hanne Darboven's (1941-2009) seminal work group Urzeit/Uhrzeit, that originally consits of 26 single volumes and was created between 1987 and '88. The artists book is limited to 148 pages from the original, each page containing four original pieces.

Hanne Darboven, one of the most important conceptual artists of the 20th century, has created a specific and responsible metonymy for her generation. She always was concerned with the limitations of the human consciousness and the perception of time and history.

This opus magnum never achieved the public acclaim it deserves. artbookcologne strives to change that with a new, attractive price.


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