Living in Style – Mountain Chalets
224 pages, 25.7 x 32.8 cm , 1772 g.
Living in Style – Mountain Chalets
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This stylish volume takes us high into the exclusive world of mountain chalets. These are sanctuaries from the over-scheduled and chaotic world below. Their interiors offer a welcoming and cozy space to relax or socialize after winter sports or alpine strolls. Most notable perhaps is the role landscape plays in the design of these dramatic dwellings.

Set against hillside views and picturesque valleys, furniture, materials, and artwork take on new vitality--regardless of whether the style is rustic and traditional or altogether more sleek and modern. Yet, although varied in ambiance, all these chalets share an awareness of texture, scale and light that creates a unifying sense of ease and grace.
EditorGisela Rich
LanguageEnglish, French, German
Author(s)Gisela Rich, Peter Steinhauer
Article IDart-64403


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