The Sixteenth Century Italian Paintings
536 pages, 22.4 x 29.2 cm , 2590 g.
The Sixteenth Century Italian Paintings
Volume III: Ferrara and Bologna
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This new volume in the series of National Gallery collection catalogues focuses on 16th-century Bologna and Ferrara.

The Gallery holds the most important collection of these paintings outside Italy, including works by Garofalo representing his entire range as an artist; exquisite and grotesque miniature narratives by Mazzolino; a large masterpiece by the short-lived genius known as Ortolano; and some of the most dazzling paintings by the eccentric Dosso Dossi. There are two altarpieces by Lorenzo Costa along with his highly original Concert, and Francesco Francia's Buonvisi altarpiece.

The book defines the special quality of works from the region, but also traces the influence of Perugino, Raphael, and Titian. New archival and technical research and provenance information reveal the fortunes of artists’ reputations across a long arc in the history of taste.
PublisherNational Gallery London
Author(s)Giorgia Mancini, Nicholas Penny
Article IDart-61725


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