Jule Korneffel – Lonesome Lily
20 pages, 10.5 x 14.8 cm , 16 g.
Jule Korneffel – Lonesome Lily
A booklet to my painting "Lonesome Lily"
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The publication “Lonesome Lily” is a debut: It is the very first edition, and first chapter book of a planned series of multiple chapter books. Each will be referencing a painting, or other work by Jule Korneffel. Next to documentation images of the referred work, it contains notes, drawings, as well as art historical and other references. Its idea is inspired by CD booklets.

It is designed and published by the artist, living in Brooklyn, New York, and printed by Laser Line in Berlin, Germany.
Coverstiched in slipcase
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A booklet to my painting "Lonesome Lily"
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