Cristina Mittermeier – Amaze
256 pages, 29 x 37 cm , 2600 g.
Cristina Mittermeier – Amaze
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An astonishing collection of nature photography and an inspiration for sustainable living with others and our environment.

From ocean shores to some of the most remote indigenous communities in the world, photographer Cristina Mittermeier explores humanity’s relationship with the planet and possibilities for a mindful, sustainable future.

Cristina Mittermeier knows a thing or two about water. Trained as a marine biologist and a photographer, the Mexico City-born Mittermeier combines her work behind the lens with her passion for environmentalism, taking pictures around the world to explore our relationship to the earth and ocean and to draw attention to the beauty and the plight of our planet.

In Amaze, Mittermeier elicits our wonder and awe at the natural world and the labyrinth or “maze” of navigating a sustainable existence. The book combines two series: “Enoughness” and “The Water’s Edge.” As much an inspiration for sustainable living as a staggering collection of nature photography, Amaze is a must-have book for all those who care about our planet and those we share it with.
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