The Package Design Book 7
496 pages, 23.7 x 25.6 cm , 2930 g.
The Package Design Book 7
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While beauty can be only skin deep, an excellent package design reaches deeper. In our seventh edition of The Package Design Book, we explore the world’s leading packaging design innovations from the 2021 and 2022 Pentawards competition. Now for the first time, it showcases entries into its new Sustainable Design category, highlighting designs from established industry professionals and young talent striving to reduce the impact of packaging on the planet.

This edition strongly focuses on innovative packaging design that honors sustainability, diversity and has an inclusive approach to design at its core. Submissions from over 60 countries have pushed the boundaries of visuals to create meaningful designs that are both a pure expression of their brands’ values and a delight for the consumers who buy them. This book epitomizes beautiful design concepts that were developed with integrity.

Alongside the thousands of submissions for the competition, the Pentawards Jury has also grown to an eclectic mix of 50 members representing 25 brands and 25 design agencies, including Amazon, Mars Food, Vault49, Estée Lauder, Superunion, Coty, WWF, and Stranger & Stranger. This volume comprises state-of-the-art packaging design that is not only witty, noble, and contemporary but illustrates the impact of this design discipline.
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