1306 pages, 25 x 31 cm , 7890 g.
Catálogo razonado y crítico – Volumen I | Los conjuntos y el obrador – Volumen II
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An essential catalogue on Francisco de Zurbarán:

Zurbarán is one of the greatest painter of the Spanish Golden Age, remembered for the austere dignity of his compositions, the intensity of his religious depictions, the rigorous organization of his still-lifes, and his attention to everyday objects represented with a moving simplicity.

This study of the Spanish painter includes recently uncovered archival documents, which allowed the author to examine new aspects of Zurbarán’s life and of the evolution of his work.
EditorWildenstein Institute
PublisherFundación Arte Hispánico
Author(s)Odile Delenda
ContributorsEnrique Valdivieso
Article IDart-59790


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