Modern World: The Art of Richard Hamilton
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Modern World: The Art of Richard Hamilton
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Acclaimed author Michael Bracewell considers Pop pioneer Richard Hamilton, connecting his art to 1960s culture

Often described as "the father of Pop art,” Richard Hamilton (1922–2011) explored the postwar world of consumer capitalism and popular culture. Seminal works such as his collage Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? (1956) and his silkscreen and related series based on a news photograph of Mick Jagger, Swingeing London 67, came to define an era in which new commodities, mass production, mass media and celebrity came to the fore. His groundbreaking exhibitions and installations influenced curatorial practice in the 20th century and into the next; and his importance beyond contemporary art was demonstrated when he was asked to design the cover of the Beatles’ White Album in 1968.

In this book, acclaimed writer Michael Bracewell presents a concise introduction to this deeply complex artist. Written from a personal perspective, it discusses Hamilton’s work in relation to the music, film, and popular culture of the day, with examples from his oeuvre, and features photographs and quotes from Hamilton throughout.
Author(s)Michael Bracewell
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