Ann Christopher
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Ann Christopher
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Ann Christopher is a British sculptor who works primarily in cast bronze, stainless steel, silver, and fabricated Corten steel. Her award-winning nonfigurative work comprises both large and small sculptures and site-specific commissions. Her titles— includingFirst Wall, Black Line, and Split Reflection—possess a simplicity that is belied by the complex connotations of the sculptures themselves. Upon closer inspection, these elegant and understated works reveal con­nections with a vast spectrum of sources from across the globe, such as rock formations in Israel, fossils from the Cretaceous chalks of Hertfordshire, prehistoric standing stones in Avebury, and early Aegean figurines. The marks Christopher makes on her works are suggestive both of natural processes, such as weathering, and of the forms and tools of mechanized industry. In this definitive publica­tion, bold photography expertly showcases the detail of her astonishing sculptures.
PublisherRoyal Academy
Author(s)Richard Cork
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