Echo of Memories
428 pages, 21 x 30.5 cm , 1688 g.
Echo of Memories
Kunst und Erinnerung in Israel und Deutschland | Art and Memory in Israel an Germany
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Memories are an unavoidable element in the relations between Israel and Germany. How do artists from both countries deal with this topic? Is it possible for them, despite their sometimes traumatic past, to develop a shared remembering? This book presents 15 Israeli, German and Palestinian artists who use kinetics, painting, performance, installation, sculpture, or video art to explore the complex topic of art and memory. They tread unconventional paths in their work and send us on an exciting journey through the culturally controversial jungle of remembrance on which our consciousness gains a sensibility – in a rational but also sensual manner – for a continuing change of perspective in our all-too stereotypical patterns of thought.

Artists: Raida Adon, Anisa Ashkar, Adva Drori, Raafat Hattab, Hanna Hennenkemper, Merav Kamel & Halil Balabin, Willi Reiche, Cornelia Renz, Maria Saleh Mahameed, Belle Shafir, Fatma Shanan, Annegret Soltau, Joscha Steffens, Zvi Tolkovsky
PublisherHentrich & Hentrich
Author(s)Ilka Wonschik
Article IDart-58762


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