40 Jahre laif – 40 Positionen dokumentarischer Fotografie
35 x 52 cm , 1770 g.
40 Jahre laif – 40 Positionen dokumentarischer Fotografie
1981 - 2021
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The laif photo agency was founded in Cologne's Südstadt quarter in 1981 by the photographers Günter Beer, Jürgen Bindrim, Manfred Linke und Guenay Ulutuncok.

Today, the agency represents more than 400 photographers worldwide, including many World Press and Pulitzer Prize winners. With the marketing of image licences for high-quality photographs and the arrangement of editorial and corporate shootings, especially in an international context, laif is one of Germany's leading image agencies. Furthermore, laif represents more than 40 international partner agencies in the German-speaking countries and is a syndication partner of the New York Times.

The publication accompanying the exhibition includes an introduction by Anna Gripp, photographer and editor-in-chief of Photonews.
Editorlaif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen
CoverRotary printing on newsprint
LanguageEnglish, German
ContributorsAnna Gripp
Article IDart-51585


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