Art and Rheumatism
128 pages, 27 x 27 cm , 1020 g.
Art and Rheumatism
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This book is about artists, arthritic artists. It is about their art, the strength of their colors, and about their times. This book is an encounter with Rubens, Renoir, Dufy, and Jawlensky; with Klee, Niki de Saint-Phalle and Toulouse-Lautrec.

It has been written for art lovers, for arthritis sufferers, their relatives, and their friends. It is for amateurs and for all those who derive pleasure from short stories and paintings.

The perspective of this book is that of a physician who is interested in fine arts; who is, by no means, an art historian. It is the perspective of the physician who suffers along with affected artists; who can sense their pain
but who can no longer help... It is the perspective of the physician who understands these illnesses, their symptoms, and their histories; who,
were they to be treated today, would treat them differently. Would the art, then, have remained the same?
Author(s)André G. Aeschlimann, Beat A. Michel
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