Vintage Stories London
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Vintage Stories London
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This photo book is a ‘time travel’ to The Vintage Festival, in London.

In 2010 Norwegian photographer Andreas Helland started a street photography project and the blog Tailorism, portraying well-dressed people around his neighborhood in Oslo. His goal was to photograph people who were inspiring but not main stream, to appreciate their style and distinctiveness. He focused on creativity rather than expensive labels. The blog Tailorism is a homage to people on our streets who dress up with vision and care. His photographs also celebrate the area, its buildings and environment.

With the spirit of the blog Tailorism, Helland depicted the scenery at The Vintage Festival, in London.

The Vintage Festival was founded by Gerardine & Wayne Hemingway, as a tribute to the history of British pop culture and British fashion from the 1920s to the 1980s. They assembled the expertise necessary to develop an authentic concept that celebrated fashion, music, art, design, film and cuisine from this era, while also helping them to understand how the heritage of these past decades had influenced the British creative culture today. Please have a look at their website:

As an alternative to images being part of a social media feed only, Helland wanted to collect the portraits from the Vintage Festival in a book. He collaborated with book designer Nina Ansten, and the book was published on Helland's own publishing company Byen Story.

The book 'Vintage Stories, London' is an inspiring, moving and beautiful tribute to the festival; its people, magic, stories and amazing clothing. We also hope the book inspires people everywhere to implement more colourful, creative and fine clothing in their daily lives.
EditorAndreas Helland, Nina Ansten
PublisherGingko Press
Article IDart-45465


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