Conversations with Photographers 2010
500 pages, 11 x 15 cm , 465 g.
Conversations with Photographers 2010
Aballi | Ballester | Basilico | Goldblatt | Gonzalez Palma | Kossoy
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José Manuel Ballester studies the phenomenon of absence and has led the artist to reinterpret the classics and address architecture by photographing empty spaces that are being transformed. In the conversation with Diógenes Moura, curator of the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, delves into the relationship between painting and photography and the renewal of photographic techniques.

Ignasi Aballí makes a special focus on painting, photography and the media, questioning their raison d'être. Sérgio Mah, curator and sociologist, questions the image's scope and time's role in artist's life and work. Boris Kossoy carried out a revolution in the Brazilian photographic language during the 70s, and became one of the most influential Latin American photographers. In this encounter with the historian Beatriz de las Heras, she reviews the trajectory of the photographer.

Luis González Palma uses the codes of cinema, architecture, dance and music as well as of the dark rites. In his work, there is a constant relationship between tradition and innovation. This conversation with curator Gerardo Mosquera reviews the artist's beginnings arriving at the present time.

David Goldblatt has composed with his pictures a visual memory of South Africa, because he has portrayed his country's political landscape ever since the nineteen sixties. He and the curator Katherine Slusher discuss the photographer's recent projets.

Gabriele Basilico tours cities capturing their form, identity, development and the landscape´s transformation. Roberta Valtora, the scientific director of the Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea de Cinisello Balsamo (Milán), and Basilico discuss architecture, landscape and documentary style.
PublisherLa Fabrica
CoverSoftcover in decorative slipcase
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