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Vom Bart zum Schnurrbart
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Manly. Elegant. Original. From the American ‘stache to the walrus beard, from the musketeer to the Dalí to the rap industry standard or simply completely freestyle—the diversity of trendy beard creations knows no limits. But no matter what beard style one ultimately chooses, one thing is clear: Real men have beards. But it is not always easy to find the right type of beard, to shape it correctly, or to care for it perfectly. Ultimately, the mustache is also much more of an expression of individuality and self-confidence than one’s second skin, one’s clothing. But it’s finally here, the easy-going and amusingly written guide with which beginners as well as experts can delve into the glorious history of mustaches, become familiar with diverse styles, and thanks to the practical, step-by-step instructions under one’s own nose, finally put the most fashionable cuts into practice oneself. Raffish. Pithy. Cool.

THEODORE BEARD, called Teddy, is a mysterious and reserved individual, who hates appearing in public and being photographed. Some even presume that the name is actually a pseudonym. As an absolute expert in hairstyling for men, he loves spices (above all pepper), the films of Sam Peckinpah, a well-mixed New York Sour, and typography.
Author(s)Theodore Beard
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