Visions of Grace
256 pages, 25 x 30 cm , 2090 g.
Visions of Grace
100 Masterpieces from the Collection of Daniel and Marian Malcolm
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Curated by a Sotheby’s New York expert, Visions of Grace highlights 100 works from the celebrated collection of precolonial African art assembled by Drs. Daniel and Marian Malcolm.

Focusing on pieces of the highest artistic quality, the Malcolms are especially fascinated by creative expressions reflecting the religious beliefs, social structures, and traditional values of sub-Saharan African peoples. Author Heinrich Schweizer concentrates on the diversity and depth of the collection, providing historical, sociological, and religious context.

Striking a balance between well-known and previously unpublished masterpieces, the book presents key works in lush colorplates.
Publisher5 Continents
Author(s)Heinrich Schweizer
Article IDart-23600


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