Munch and Expressionism
232 pages, 23.5 x 28.5 cm , 1670 g.
Munch and Expressionism
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Examining Edvard Munch’s influence on his Austrian and German contemporaries, this book offers a fascinating new look at the Norwegian artist, whose painting The Scream has become a symbol of modern angst. Edvard Munch came of age during an artistic period that celebrated beauty and design. But in his own art, Munch explored darker themes―alienation, sin, and human vulnerability.

His resulting work incorporated the vivid colors of previous styles but intensified their emotional power and paved the way for an entirely new approach to painting. Although much has been written about Munch’s life and its influence on his art, there has not been a study of the artist’s influence on his German and Austrian peers―until now. Featuring contributions by leading scholars in the field, including Patricia Bermann, Alison Chang, Jay Clarke, Reinhold Heller, Jill Lloyd, Nils Ohlsen, and Oystein Uvstedt, this authoritative and beautifully illustrated book explores Munch's impact on Austrian and German artists of the period within an Expressionist context. It also examines work in specific media, such as Munch’s seminal contributions to printmaking. The artist’s thematic and stylistic leitmotifs are highlighted, including self-portraiture, urban scenes, landscapes, couples, and the artist and his model.

Vibrant reproductions of works from throughout Munch’s oeuvre, including such icons as The Scream, Madonna, and The Kiss, make this a splendid introduction to the artist as well as an exciting springboard to the study of European Expressionism.
EditorJill Lloyd-Peppiatt, Reinhold Heller
ContributorsPatricia G. Berman, Nelson Blitz, Jay A. Clarke et al.
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceNeue Galerie, New York
Article IDart-20819


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