Thomas Ruff – Nudes
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Thomas Ruff – Nudes
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Among his recent work is an exploration of the Internet, that parallel visual universe teeming with sexuality of every flavor and variety. He gathers from the virtual playground erotic and often pornographic images that he subsequently manipulates on his computer by enlarging, coloring, and blurring them. The end result is beautiful yet disturbing artwork from visual material that, for better or worse, is probably more abundant than any other type of image in our world today. IN contrast to Ruff's earlier portraits, in which he highlighted every detail of his subject down to the last pore, these photographs have an abstract, ofthen ethereal quality that at first glance belies their erotic content. Viewers may appreciate the series for its beauty alone or, like participants in interactive virtual pornography, they may also use their imagination and re-create the fantasy in thier mind.
ContributorsMichel Houellebecq
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