Paula Rae Gibson – Diary of a love addict
120 pages, 24 x 30 cm , 1020 g.
Paula Rae Gibson – Diary of a love addict
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The processing of personal experiences stands in the center of Paula Rae Gibson's photographic oeuvre. Along with the photographs, often retroactively treated with chemicals and sometimes collaged, the artist records prose and verse: poetic fragments that attempt to reproduce the language of the photographic image. diary of a love addict is a journey of intimacy and grief, radically subjective. An attempt to capture the transient, without extinguishing yearning. With the medium more suited than any other to freeze time and resist mortality.

Paula Rae Gibson (*1968 in London) began autodidactically photographing after a serious car accident. She has exhibited at the Gallery Articus in London (1993), in Bolivar Hall, London (1994), in Cassian de Vere Colé, London (1995), at the Galerie Dorothée de Paux, Brussels (1996), at the Gallery in Cork Street, London (1998), and at the Gallery media rare, Los Angeles (2001).
ContributorsMilian Chlumsky
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