Mathias Waske – Mona Lisa bis Madonna
172 pages, 18 x 24.8 cm , 714 g.
Mathias Waske – Mona Lisa bis Madonna
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"Mathias Waske works with the clichés of validity and the approved, making caricatures of the art establishment and its extremes. His is a contemporary imagery, which is place in a position outside the tradition of the "Classic Modern Art", which has degenerated to a historicism of the 20th century. Waskes pictures are as brilliant as apt."
(Hans Ottomeyer, preface of the exhibition catalogue Museum Villa Stuck-Munich)
PublisherKunst Haus Wien
ContributorsRainer Wörtmann, Joram Harel
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceKunst Haus Wien
Article IDart-16048


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