Guillaume Simoneau – Experimental Lake
80 pages, 22 x 29 cm , 644 g.
Guillaume Simoneau – Experimental Lake
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This compendium of images is unhinged from the moorings of conventional narrative readings. They speak of travel, pilgrimage, epiphany and discovery with a simple, selfless stoicism. Time of day, experiments out on the water, scientific equipment, all suggest an itinerary at once mysterious and immanent, pungent and rich. A fragmented litany of objectivities forms a cohesive chain of elliptical meanings. We are complicit in the constitution of sense as each image stakes its claim upon us.

Simoneau’s photographs are like signposts in the wilderness. They are not memorial in nature but sing nature’s praises alongside human handiwork. A fugitive storyline is to be pieced together by us out of the folklore of the moment wherein the artist and now we, his viewers, find ourselves, on the cusp, as it were, and hungry for answers. The sense is to be inveigled slowly, both dark and light, over time. The artist builds a pattern and parses out eloquent details that define his itinerary in time and space.

These images have an uncanny orbital resonance, but what seems at first discursive has a deep underlying intuitive order and teleology. If you are sensitive to that, to images at once migratory and pitch-perfect in their mien, you can hear angels singing in the wires.
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