Charles Fréger – L.12.12
167 pages, 22.7 x 30 cm , 1177 g.
Charles Fréger – L.12.12
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Mission code name: L.12.12, after the ubiquitous shirt that forms its centrepiece. Charles Fréger was sent by the house of Lacoste on a kind of photographic portrait campaign around France – a voyage across both rural and urban areas, focusing on pursuits reflecting age-old regional cultures (water jousting, Camargue gardians, Breton wrestling) as well as more contemporary phenomena (roller derby, cycle polo, cheerleading).

Beyond the extensive panorama of varied and sometimes unexpected settings, a garment with many faces and uses is revealed.
LanguageFrench, English
Illustrationswith num. col. ills
ContributorsFelipe Oliveira Baptista & Farid Chenoune
Article IDart-14744


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