Robert Doisneau & Jean Petit – Bonjour Monsieur Le Corbusier | special edition
108 pages, 34 x 34.6 cm , 2625 g.
Robert Doisneau & Jean Petit – Bonjour Monsieur Le Corbusier | special edition
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His commissioned works for the Racho Agency put his name on the map, but it were Robert Doisneau's images of Paris streets and street life that made him world-famous. Doisneau repeatedly portrayed prominent personalities of his time (an example is the mesmerizing portrait of Pablo Picasso with fingers made of cake dough), but only the best-informed experts and most loyal followers were aware of the series of portraits of Le Corbusier made in the early 1950s. In 1988 a small extract of this series was published in a then-groundbreaking edition, that presented Doisneau‘s images in a luxurious yet still discreet form.

Most of the time the architect, painter and sculptor Le Corbusier was painfully aware of the camera watching over him and when concentrated he playfully manipulated the camera by chosing different poses or expressions. Sometimes though, Doisneau was able to catch the modern master at unexpected moments. Reminiscent of his snapshots of Paris life, these images show us the human being that was behind one of the great thinkers and innovators of the 20th century.

You purchase not only the unique volume including the complete series, but also an original photograph signed and numbered by Robert Doisneau. The photograph is securely stored in a folder and included in a decorative slipcase with the book.
PublisherHans Grieshaber Editeur
CoverCloth in decorative slipcase
NoteSpecial Edition
Illustrationswith 90 mostly fullp. photoplates
Author(s)Jean Petit, Le Corbusier, Robert Doisneau
Article IDart-08459


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