Focus on: Two anniversaries, two masters, two eras – Albrecht Dürer & Joseph Beuys

One shook up the art world over 500 years ago, the other caused a sensation in the last century. They both had a profound impact on art and they both celebrate their birthdays in May: One was born in Nuremberg on May 21, 1471, the other on May 12, 1921 in Krefeld. This year marks their 550th or 100th anniversary. So this month is all about these two exceptional German artists. We celebrate Dürer and Beuys!

Sediment. Mitteilungen zur Geschichte des Kunsthandels
€20.00 €5.00  
€118.00 €39.95  
Zu den beiden 1965 wiederentdeckten Skizzenbücher „Codices Madrid“ von Leonardo da Vinci.
€19.00 €10.00  
Kunst – Künstler – Kontext
€59.00 €19.95  
Gespräch am Strand zu lang
Documentary Biography
€115.00 €55.00  
Joseph Beuys, Matthew Barney, Douglas Gordon, Cy Twombly
€48.00 €9.95  
Travels of a Renaissance Artist