Second round: *Hurts – Not perfect but charming

These *hurts have just arrived from the U.S. You'll find all information on the book's condition in the bibliographical details.

Some of the books are remainders, second hand books, or warehouse discoveries and some are even rare titles, but in any case they convince with their inner values.
Large Format
€39.95 €19.95  
A History Of Comic Art
€35.00 €14.80  
Paintings, Sculpture, Architecture
€35.00 €14.80  
A Primer of Architectural Principles
€24.95 €12.80  
Art for Book Lovers
€29.95 €14.80  
€75.00 €29.80  
A Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations
€19.95 €9.80  
€39.95 €19.80