Pre-order period extended! Steidl defers to end of November

Steidl famously publishes outstanding and high-quality art and photography books showing very special attention to detail.

Now some new special editions have been announced by the publisher – real highlights which are for a short time available at a spectacular introductory price.

For example, William Eggleston's »The Outlands« is available for €280 instead of €380, and you can save €250 on Damien Hirst’s limited and signed edition. Further pre-order deals include Richard Serra (signed), Gilles Peress and Anish Kapoor.

Until November 26th, we are offering these special editions at the publisher's introductory price. As of November 27th, the regular prices apply.

Please note that Steidl has moved the publication dates to Early December of 2020 and you may have to wait a little longer than usual for receiving your order. Of course, we'll provide you with the books you've ordered as soon as possible and keep you up to date in case of delays.

Offering books for pre-ordering with substantial savings has proven effectively. Simply look at Mary Ellen Mark’s »Book of Everything«, which has sold out over the summer.
»open for pre-orders«
»open for pre-orders«
»open for pre-orders«
»open for pre-orders«
»open for pre-orders«