All naked: Nudes in art and photography

Time and again, she appears in various states of undress: Venus, the goddess – whether she was painted by Botticelli and Cabanel or Cranach, Titian and Velázquez. And Eve, the seductress - she's also naked. Goya's Maja, Manet's Olympia, Klimt's Judith - they refer to Venus and Eve, the prototypes of the nude.

Albrecht Dürer depicted himself naked, Mapplethorpe's self-portrait is more explicit. Bettina Rheims questions gender attributions. Helmut Newton draws on centuries-old ideas: Eve and Venus are back.

All about the nude: In these books (almost) everyone's naked.
A Second Look
Sculpture and Watercolor
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(French edition)
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The Erotic Drive in the Photography of Weston and Callahan
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Paintings & Provocations
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Erotische Aquarelle | Aquarelles érotiques
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Entertaining Nudes by Tony Kelly
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Nudes from the Prado
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Images secrètes du libertinage des Année Folles
Images secrètes du libertinage des Année Folles