Give my Regards to Elizabeth: Peter Bialobrzeski's Photographs from the UK

This book is a record of Peter Bialobrzeski’s time in England in the early 1990’s. The publication is his diploma work, made in two handbound, then still completely analogue made dummy books. Now, 27 years later the book is published as an almost facsimile version of the original layout.

In his photos, he captured the class ridden society: “When I left Germany, I left a booming economy in a country which had just been reborn as a nation. In England I found an economy deep in recession, [and] a certain type of sadness in people’s faces, a kind of frustration stretching throughout the whole of society.“ (Peter Bialobrzeski)

The first edition of this book is almost sold out: So this is your chance to get your hands on a copy.
Photographs from the UK