Focus on: Roni Horn

In her drawings, photographs, installations and books, American Artist Roni Horn has been exploring the nature of water and its universal qualities for over 30 years:

“Water… reassures you, affirms you, shows you who you are, ... sighs, sucks, laughs, splishes, splashes, slashes, washes, murmurs, gushes, bubbles, babbles, shimmers, shines, gleams.“

Roni Horn's Dictionary of Water, for example, supplies ninety-five answers to the question: What do you see when you look at water? The book is now available at a reduced price.
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The River Thames, for Example
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To Place
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The Herdubreid paintings of Stefán v. Jonsson aka Stórval
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Bluff Life
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To Place
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Arctic Circles
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A Specimen Concordance
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