Spectacular Spaces of Knowledge: The most beautiful universities & Books on art & photography

The start of studies at the universities will initially be purely digital. If you are longing for lecture halls, libraries and study rooms, we recommend the book The Most Beautiful Universities in the World: A journey from Bologna, Salamanca and Coimbra to Uppsala, Heidelberg and Paris... and, of course, Yale, Cambridge, Princeton and Oxford.

In addition, we've selected some great and knowledgeable books on photography and art history.
€24.80 €10.00  
Photogr@phy after Photography
Illinois Institute of Technology
€32.00 €10.00  
Essence and Apparatus
Gallery Reviews. Book Reviews. Articles. Letters to the Editor. Reports. Statements. Complaints
€40.00 €20.00  
Vol I-IV 1839-1995
Zur Geschichte und Theorie der Fotografie (Erweiterte Ausgabe)
Landmark Exhibitions that defined the history of photography
€50.00 €25.00  
Essays on Art
€39.95 €10.00  
Context and Critique
€45.00 €17.95  
Eine kleine Theorie des Kinos
Pictures and Readers in Early Modern Rome
€55.00 €15.00  
Visualtion d'une intervention sociologique réalisée en 1974
Reconsidering Dorothea Lange's Iconic Portrait of Maternity