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Frameables: art books with detachable prints to decorate your walls

Each book contains a selection of twenty-one high-quality reproductions that can be easily removed from the book, framed in a standard-size frame, and…

This week's bargain: Curtis – Sacred Legacy

One hundred years ago, Edward Sheriff Curtis embarked on a monumental project to photograph and document the lives and traditions of the Native peoples…

Our favourite books of the week: Sun and Moon & Géricault

Sun and Moon is an unique pictorial history of astronomical exploration from the earliest prehistoric observatories to the latest satellite images. The…

A visit from Jem Southam

This week we had a visit from photographer Jem Southam who signed his new book "The Pond at Upton Pyne".

The exhibition is currently on show at the Photographic…

New books

€49.90 €19.90  
1950-2022. Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler, Ludwig Schirmer
A Celebration of Weddings
50 Leica lenses to collect and photograph
Today's Best in Contemporary Drawing
€59.95 €29.95  
Recipes for a modern plant-based lifestyle
€34.95 €14.95  
Mit freundin auf Zeitreise
€30.00 €15.00