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Non-Books: journals, postcards, pencils, stencils ...

Every now and then, we enrich our assortment with a small and fine selection of non-book items.

These beautiful objects have just arrived at our warehouse:…

This week's bargain: Magnum Artists

For the first time, Magnum Artists brings together a collection of over 200 photographs that define the unique relationship between the world’s greatest…

This week's darling: Verrocchio

He was one of the most versatile and inventive artists of the Italian Renaissance: Andrea del Verrocchio.

He created art across media, from his spectacular…

New books

5 Vols.
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Eternal Network + Lackskins
€93.95 €19.95  
(6 vols.)
€176.35 €29.95  
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(Deutsche Ausgabe)
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From the 16th century until today
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Masterpieces fom the Leonard A. Lauder Collection
€45.00 €19.95  
A booklet to my painting "Alex's Garden"
A booklet to my painting "Lonesome Lily"
€60.00 €29.95  
€39.95 €14.95  
Breton Women
€40.00 €19.95  
(Deutsche Ausgabe)
€44.00 €19.95  
€50.00 €19.95