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Book of the week: The Last Knight

Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519) crafted a public persona and personal mythology that earned him the romantic sobriquet the Last Knight; and…

Frameables: art books with detachable prints to decorate your walls

Each book contains a selection of twenty-one high-quality reproductions that can be easily removed from the book, framed in a standard-size frame, and…

New books

The Pritzker Prize Laureates in their own Words
€60.00 €29.95  
»Pre-order now! Ships in very early March!«
€65.00 €55.00  
Catalogue raisonné
€35.00 €19.95  
Premier livre consacré à l'ex-eroticis féminin | First book dedicated to ex-eroticis by women artists
€29.00 €12.95  
Objets Érotiques à Transformation | Erotic Transformation Objects
€70.00 €29.95  
Kästner, Kunst und Politik. Das zeichnerische Werk.
€38.00 €25.00  
The Response to the Bauhaus | Die Antwort aufs Bauhaus
€48.00 €24.00  
Notebook No. 1 – 1936-1944
€165.00 €75.00