Krister Hägglund – Lux
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Krister Hägglund – Lux
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“It started when I began walking to work in Skellefteå. I was overweight and needed the exercise. On route were things that were nicely illuminated. I started taking photos of the lights, to and from work. Then I just carried on. Saw light constellations in Umeå when visiting my parents, when walking across half the town to celebrate Christmas with my kids at my ex-wife’s, went to see my son in Nordmaling and my partner’s sister and her family in Hägersten. And so on.

I think it started in 2011. Have tried to stop several times. It’s going so-so. I’ve become a bit like a fly drawn to the light. Probably like the scruffy Christmas lights best. Perhaps I’ll continue this year too…”

/Krister Hägglund
EditorGösta Flemming, Krister Hägglund
LanguageEnglish, Swedish
Author(s)Thomas Tidholm, Krister Hägglund
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