In the Studio
320 pages, 21.6 x 28 cm , 1475 g.
In the Studio
Visits with Contemporary Cartoonists
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These studio visits with some of today's most popular and innovative comic artists present an unparalleled look at the cutting edge of the comic medium. The artists, some of whom rarely grant interviews, offer insights into the creative process, their influences and personal sources of inspiration, and the history of comics.

The interviews amount to private gallery tours, with the artists commenting, now thoughtfully, now passionately, on their own work as well as the works of others. The book is generously illustrated with full-colour reproductions of the artists' works, including some that have been published and others not originally intended for publication, such as sketchbooks and personal projects. Additional illustrations show behind-the-scenes working processes of the cartoonists and particular works by others that have influenced or inspired them.

Through the eyes of these artists, we see with a new clarity the achievement of contemporary cartoonists and the extraordinary possibilities of comic art. It includes extensive interviews with: Ivan Brunetti; Charles Burns; Daniel Clowes; Robert Crumb; Jaime Hernandez; Gary Panter; Seth; Art Spiegelman; and, Chris Ware.
PublisherYale University Press
Author(s)Todd Hignite
Article IDart-59070


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