Alexandra Duprez – Voir Et Imaginer
48 pages, 20 x 16 cm , 126 g.
Alexandra Duprez – Voir Et Imaginer
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Since her beginnings in the mid-1990s, Alexandra Duprez has developed an intuitive practice of drawing and painting, drawing her inspiration from art brut and the primitive arts.

In her images, she creates a phantasmagorical universe close to a dream, populated by disturbing creatures, of entangled forms and multiplied eyes, between figuration and abstraction.

At the center of her work is the human body, a body that splits, erases and transforms itself, to become a being in constant mutation, half animal, half vegetable. By adding and covering, layer after layer, the artist creates what she calls “shreds of images”, fragments of a constantly reinvented history, with abundant ramifications.
EditorCécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi, Vincent Tuset-Anres
PublisherChose Commune
Article IDart-58588


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