SMYLE – The Art and the Fairy Tale (7 volumes)
36 pages, 28.5 x 28.5 cm , 2100 g.
SMYLE – The Art and the Fairy Tale (7 volumes)
{without slipcase}
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Traditional fairy tales illustrated by contemporary artists in collection of seven volumes in a slipcase:

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp by Krayon (Pixel Artist)
Little Red Riding Hood by Luca Zamoc (Street Artist)
Peter Pan by UNO (Street Artist)
The Ugly Duckling by Marta Sesana (Painter)
Pinocchio by Alessandra Carloni (Street Artist)
Snow White by Alessandro Ripane (Digital Artist)
The Little Mermaid by Gio Pistone (Street Artist)
PublisherScripta Maneant
LanguageEnglish, Italian
Article IDart-55862


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