Jack Kirby – Kirby is... Mighty! King-Size
320 pages, 35.4 x 54.8 cm , 6192 g.
Jack Kirby – Kirby is... Mighty! King-Size
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Kirby imagined modern mythologies that spanned the cosmos and remade gods. Kirby created action sequences so powerful galaxies shook. Kirby's Thor is the most epic comic book saga ever told. Kirby is...Mighty! Kirby is Mighty! is brings together a host of the greatest Thor tales drawn by Jack "The King" Kirby.

They're stories so exciting, so massive in scope, so utterly epic that even Marvel's King-Size format struggles to contain them. Featuring Thor's first appearance; a bruising battle between Thor and Hercules; the mind-bending first appearance of Ego the Living Planet; the invasion of Asgard by Ulik and his horrifying troll army; and concluding with multi-part saga where Thor faces the immeasurable power of the world-devourer Galactus that reveals Galactus' origin.
Author(s)Jack Kirby
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