Weltsichten. Blick über den Tellerrand!
360 pages, 21.4 x 27.6 cm , 1442 g.
Weltsichten. Blick über den Tellerrand!
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How does one get married in Asia? What does one laugh about in Africa? What conception of the afterlife did one have in Peru? What is aesthetics? How do authorities differentiate themselves?

There is no more central human theme than the various view points of the world: they decide over rank and status, war and peace as well as over the meaning of life and death.

In this book, the authors are concerned with the numerous and astounding possibilities of how people see, interpret and order the world. Globally unique objects clarify human thoughts and exchanges and make sensible for cultural differences and unifying similarities, which we encounter in an increasingly globalized world.
EditorInés de Castro, Ulrich Menter
PublisherPhilipp von Zabern
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceLinden-Museum, Stuttgart
Article IDart-54887


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