James White – Evidence
104 pages, 24 x 32 cm
James White – Evidence
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This limited edition artist’s book brings together digital collages and manipulated photographs by painter James White based on the celebrated and hugely influential series Evidence by Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan. In Evidence, Sultan and Mandel drew on the archives of more than a hundred US government agencies, finding surreal narrative suggestions in deadpan images that were intended as functional documents, upending and interrogating the documentary natures they espoused. The book has been a continual reference for the grayscale photographic paintings for which James White has become known. In this volume, White pays tribute to Sultan and Mandel’s project by further undermining the evidentiary nature of the photographic medium through a process of intervention and painterly gesture which disrupts and reconstitutes the images’ mercurial surfaces.
PublisherMACK Books
Author(s)James White
Article IDart-54825


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