Kassel Photobook Award 2008–2018
380 pages, 15.6 x 23.3 cm , 898 g.
Kassel Photobook Award 2008–2018
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From 2008 to 2018 we have been asking experts every year to name their favorite photobook and to justify their choice. This has resulted in 328 photobooks from renowned jurors from all over the world. They showcased the state of play in a medium that is incredibly lively and mobile. In terms of form, they range from very simple magazine-style publications to traditionally crafted books as well as handmade one-off items and heavy, exclusive, large-format products in slipcases and cassettes. The powerful essence of printed photography and the strong narrative force of photography in book form can be found in this fantastic selection of photobooks. Some of the works are already among the masterpieces and classics in the history of photography, while others are still waiting to be discovered.

All books from 2008 – 2018 included in this volume with statements by the jurors.

Amin El Dib »Silberlicht« – selected by Thomas Wiegand (Kassel)
Joakim Eskildsen »Roma Journeys« – selected by Jens Friis (Odense)
Stephen Gil »Hackney Flowers« – selected by Martin Parr (London)
John Gossage »Secrets of Real Estate« – selected by Gerry Badger (London)
Elisabeth Gottfried »Reise ins Innere« – selected by Nikolaus Korab (Vienna)
Beate Gütschow »LS/S« – selected by Christiane Gehner (Glückstadt)
Eikoh Hosoe »Deadly Ashes« – selected by Ferdinand Brueggemann (Cologne)
Pieter Hugo »The Hyena and other Men« – selected by Rixon Reed (Santa Fe)
Bahman Jalali »Catalogue« – selected by Christine Frisinghelli (Graz)
Cuny Janssen »There is something in the Air« – selected by Andreas Müller-Pohle (Berlin)
Geert van Kesteren »Baghdad Calling« – selected by Catherine David (Paris)
Kent Klich and Beth R Bill »Picture Imperfect« – selected by Kouwenhoven (Berlin)
Zoe Leonard »Photographs« – selected by Marta Gili (Paris)
Dany Lyon »Like a thief’s dream« – selected by Stephen Perloff (Langhorne)
A. Müller-Pohle »Danube River Project« – selected by Hans-Michael Koetzle (Munich)
Peter Piller »Zeitung« – selected by Bodo von Hodenberg (Berlin)
Gervasio Sanchez »Vidas Minadas« – selected by Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona)
Kiyoshi Suzuki »Soul and Soul« – selected by Markus Schaden (Cologne)
Franco Vaccari »Esposizioni« – selected by Roberta Valtorta (Milan)
Henri Van Lier »Philosophy of Photography« – selected by Peeter Linnap (Tartu)
Stephan Vanfleteren »Belgicum« – selected by Anna Gripp (Hamburg)
Wassinklundgren »Empty Bottles« – selected by Thomas Weski (Munich)

Kristoffer Albrecht »ZIGZAG in Europe« – selected by Marek Grygiel (Warsaw)
Bae, Bien-U »Sacred Wood« – selected by F.C. Gundlach (Hamburg)
Lukas Felzmann »Ghostpile – Waters In Between« – selected by Anne Wilkes Tucker (Houston)
Peter Fischli and David Weiss »Sonne, Mond und Sterne« – selected by Stephen Shore (New York)
Bertrand Fleuret »Landmasses and Railways« – selected by Sebastian Arthur Hau (Cologne)
Vadim Gushchin »Photographs« – selected by Evgeny Berezner (Moscow)
Rob Hornstra »101 Billionairs« – selected by Tanja Wallroth (Amsterdam)
Eiji Ina »Emperor of Japan« – selected by Mariko Takeuchi (Tokyo)
Atta Kim »On Air « – selected by Wendy Watriss (Houston)
Josef Koudelka »Invasion 1968« – selected by Vladimir Birgus (Prag)
Leigh Ledare »Pretend you’re actually alive« – selected by Jeffrey Ladd (New York)
Concealment, Restructuring New Mountain and Water »Yao Lu « – selected by Bohnchang Koo (Seoul)
Natassa Markidou »Constructions« – selected by Demosthenis Agrafiotis (Athens)
Taiji Matsue »Cell« – selected by Martin Parr (London)
Mark McPherson »Hijacked Volume 1« – selected by Alasdair Foster (Paddington)
Susan Meiselas »In History« – selected by Gerry Badger (London)
Ivory Press »C-Photo Magazine« – selected by Robert Bernell (Beijing)
Eugene Richards »Blue Room« – selected by Matthias Harder (Berlin)
Terry Richardson »Wives, Wheels, Weapons« – selected by Thomas Seelig (Winterthur)
Valerie Sonnenthal, Jeffrey Ladd and Ed Grazda »Books on Books 1-4« – selected by John Gossage (Washington)
Kyoichi Tsuzuki »Happy Victims« – selected by Hiromi Nakamura (Tokyo)
Juan Valbuena Alejandro »Nosostros. Un Album colectivo de Lavapiés« – selected by Castellote (Madrid)
Jeff Wall Pablo »Catalogue« – selected by Ortiz Monasterio (Mexico City)
Ai Weiwei »Becoming« – selected by Karen Smith (Beijing)

Robert Adams »What we bought« – selected by Paul Graham (New York)
Robert Adams »Summer Nights, Walking« – selected by Gerhard Steidl (Göttingen)
Christopher Anderson »Capitolio« – selected by Horacio Fernandez (Madrid)
Claudia Andujar »Marcados« – selected by Ramón Reverte (Mexico, Barcelona)
Carl De Keyzer »Congo Belge / Congo Belge en Images« – selected by Frits Gierstberg (Rotterdam)
Shannon Ebner »The Sun as Error« – selected by David Campany (London)
Shannon Ebner »The Sun as Error« – selected by Lesley Martin (New York)
Jim Goldberg »Open See« – selected by Phillip S. Block (New York)
Stanley Greene »Black Passport« – selected by JH Engström (Östra Ämtervik)
Stanley Greene »Black Passport« – selected by Gösta Flemming (Grebbestad)
Stanley Greene »Black Passport« – selected by Guy Tillim (Cape Town)
Monica Haller »Riley & His Story« – selected by Alec Soth (Saint Paul, MN)
Yamazaki Hiroshi »Early Works 1969-1974« – selected by Yoko Sawada (Tokyo)
Pieter Hugo »Nollywood« – selected by Freddy Langer (Frankfurt)
Naoki Ishikawa »Archipelago« – selected by Ryuichi Kaneko (Tokyo)
Frederic Lezmi »Beyond Borders Vienna to Beirut« – selected by Gerry Badger (London)
Jorma Pranen »Icy Prospects« – selected by Irène Attinger (Paris)
Gerhard Richter »Übermalte Fotografien« – selected by David Strettell (New York)
Sophie Ristelhueber »Operations« – selected by Willem van Zoetendaal (Amsterdam)
Masafumi Sanai »Sekisha (Red Car)« – selected by Joachim Brohm (Leipzig)
Gary Schneider »Handbook« – selected by Stephen Daiter (Chicago)
Dash Snow »Polaroids« – selected by Martin Parr (Bristol)
Yutaka Takanashi »Toshi-e« – selected by Darius Himes (Santa Fe, NM)
Raimond Wouda »School« – selected by Corinne Noordenbos (Den Haag)

John Baldessari »Parse« – selected by Jeffrey Ladd
Lewis Baltz »Works« – selected by John Gossage
Edmund Clark »Quantanamo if the light goes out« – selected by Diane Dufour
Raphaël Dallaporta »Domestic Slavery« – selected by Rémi Coignet
Jason Fulford »The Mushroom Collector« – selected by Bruno Ceschel
Jim Goldberg »Rich and Poor – 25th Anniversary Edition« – selected by Chris Pichler
John Gossage »The 32″ ruler / Map of Balon« – selected by Guido Guidi
Yann Gross »Kitintale« – selected by Larissa Leclair
Liu Heung Shing/Karen Smith »Shanghai A History in Photographs« – selected by Rong Rong
Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen »Empty Land, Promised Land, Forbidden Land« – selected by Valérie Fougeirol
Cuny Janssen »My Grandma Was A Turtle« – selected by Marloes Krijnen
Wang Jinsong »Riddles« – selected by Jiang Jian
Johan van der Keuken »Quatorze Juillet« – selected by Jörg Colberg
Johan van der Keuken »Quatorze Juillet« – selected by Ute Eskildsen
Boris Mikhailov »Maquette Braunschweig« – selected by Jürgen Teller
Zanele Muholi »Faces and Phases« – selected by Sunil Gupta
Walter Niedermayr »Recollection« – selected by Mohammadreza Mirzaei
Nazraeli Press »Six Six (6×6)« – selected by Markus Schaden
Jo Ractliffe »As Terras do Fim do Mundo« – selected by David Goldblatt
Atilla Richard Lukacs »Polaroids« – selected by Andrew Roth
Doug Rickard »A New American Picture« – selected by Gerry Badger
Joao Ripper and Sergio Carvalho »Retrato Escravo« – selected by Marcelo Brodsky
Helena Schätzle »Die Zeit dazwischen« – selected by Ingo Taubhorn
Alec Soth »Broken Manual« – selected by Harvey Benge
Mark Steinmetz »The Ancient Tigers of my Neighborhood« – selected by Robert Adams
Dušan Tománek »Here Be Dogs« – selected by and Adam Holý Aleš Najbrt
Jonathan Torgovnik »Rwandan Children Born of Rape« – selected by Michiko Kasahara
Garry Trinh »Just heaps surprised to be alive« – selected by Laurence Vecten
Osamu Wataya »Juvenile« – selected by Daido Moriyama
Michael Wolf »Tokyo Compression« – selected by Quentin Bajac, Sybren Kuiper and Martin Parr
Toshiteru Yamaji »Buta To Occhan« – selected by Ivan Vartanian
A Yin »Nomadic Mongolians of China Schools« – selected by Rong Jiang
Xu Yong »18% gray« – selected by Ruben Lundgren

Julian Baron »Censura« – selected by Ramón Lopez Quiroga
Daniel Blaufuks »Terezin« – selected by Jo Ractliffe
Dirk Braeckman »Dirk Braeckman« – selected by Michael Kominek
Martin Crawl »En rêvant à partir« – selected by Clément Chéroux
Motoyuki Daifu »Lovesody« – selected by Laurence Vecten
William Eggleston »Chromes« – selected by Mitch Epstein
Gregory Halpern »A« – selected by Todd Hido
Kenji Hirasawa »Celebrity« – selected by Chris Boot
Erik Kessels and Michel Campeau »In almost every picture: #10« – selected by Peng Yangjun & Chen Jiaojiao
Stefan Kielsznia »Ulica Nowa 3« – selected by Günter Karl Bose
Paul Kooiker »Sunday« – selected by Selva Barni
Nico Krebs & Taiyo Onorato »As long as it photographs / It must be a camera« – selected by Jason Fulford
Nico Krebs & Taiyo Onorato »As long as it photographs / It must be a camera« – selected by Anouk Kruithof
Nico Krebs & Taiyo Onorato »As long as it photographs / It must be a camera« – selected by Alexis Zavialoff
Seba Kurtis »Drowned« – selected by Joachim Schmid
Mårten Lange »Un Langage En Soi« – selected by Michael Mack
Pablo Larreta »Time Lost« – selected by Iran Sirinan
Deborah Luster, Raymond Meeks and Rose Preston »Crime Victims Chronicle« – selected by Gerry Badger
Magnum »Contact Sheets« – selected by Yolanda Cuomo
Ari Marcopoulos »Directory« – selected by Winfried Heininger
Enrique Metinides »Series« – selected by Gabriele Franziska Götz
Richard Mosse »Infra« – selected by Rob Hornstra
Misha Pedan »Stereo_typ« – selected by Irina Chmyreva
Kushal Ray and Kunal Basu »Intimacies« – selected by Dayanita Singh
Volker Renner »A road trip redone« – selected by Peter Piller
Masafumi Sanai »Pylon« – selected by Hisako Motoo
Andy Sewell »The Heath« – selected by Dewi Lewis
Valerio Spada »Gomorrah Girl« – selected by Jim Goldberg
Valerio Spada »Gomorrah Girl« – selected by Kummer & Herrman
Batia Suter »Surface Series« – selected by Florence Loewy
Ed Templeton »Teenage Kissers« – selected by Yasunori Hoki
Kazuyoshi Usui »Showa88« – selected by Dan Abbe
Jack Webb »Jack Webb suspects his parents« – selected by Charlotte Cotton
Peng Yanghun and Chen Jiaojiao »Pass it On« – selected by Martin Parr
Peng Yanghun and Chen Jiaojiao »Pass it On« – selected by Liu Zhizhi
Masayuki Yoshinaga »Sento« – selected by Katsumi Omori
Watabe Yukichi »A Criminal Investigation« – selected by Greger Ulf Nilson
Watabe Yukichi »A Criminal Investigation« – selected by 3/3 Tre Terzi
Andreas Züst »Himmel« – selected by Willem van Zoetendaal

Michael Berman »Gila« – selected by Mary Virginia Swanson
Mike Brodie »A Period of Juvenile Prosperity« – selected by Rui Ribeiral
Antony Cairns »LDN2« – selected by Aron Koriech Morel
Edmund Clark »Control Order House« – selected by Jacqueline Hassink
Antoine d’Agata »Anticorps« – selected by Tomoki Matsumoto
Peter Dekens »Touch« – selected by Olga Yatskevich
Jan Dirk van der Burg »Censorship Daily. Netherlands – Iran« – selected by Erik Kessels
Paul Gaffney »We Make the Path Walking« – selected by Ángel Luis González
Stephen Gill »Coexistence« – selected by Sawako Fukai
Raúl Gómez | Rodrigo Gomez-Rovira »Repertoire« – selected by Julieta Escardó
Bryan Graf »Wildlife Analysis« – selected by Ken Schles
Yoshiichi Hara »Tokoyo no Mushi« – selected by Atsushi Fujiwara
David Alan Harvey »(based on a true story« – selected by Wolfgang Zurborn
Alessandro Imbriaco »The Garden« – selected by Alessandra Mauro
Ken Kitano »Our Face: Asia« – selected by Lu Liqing
Paul Kooiker »Heaven« – selected by Hester Kejser
Daido Moriyama »View from the Laboratory« – selected by Satoshi Machiguchi
Tamiko Nishimura »Eternal Chase« – selected by Christophe Crison
Tamiko Nishimura »Eternal Chase« – selected by Aya Takada
Sakiko Nomura »Nude / A Room / Flowers« – selected by André Principe
Jin Ohashi »Surrended Myself to the Chair of Life« – selected by Mark Pearson
Max Pinckers »Fourth Wall« – selected by Martin Parr
Louis Porter »Conflict Resolution« – selected by Daniel Boetker-Smith
Miguel Rio Branco »Você Está Feliz« – selected by Iatã Cannabrava
Ed Ruscha »Ed Ruscha and Some Los Angeles Apartments« – selected by Takashi Homma
Thomas Sauvin »Silvermine« – selected by Thomas Mailaender
Lieko Shiga »Rasen Kaigan« – selected by Gerry Badger
Lieko Shiga »Rasen Kaigan« – selected by Sebastian Arthur Hau
Carlos Spottorno »The Pigs« – selected by Frederic Lezmi
Carlos Spottorno »The Pigs« – selected by Markus Schaden
Carlos Spottorno »The Pigs« – selected by Cäcilia Zöller
Hiro Tanaka »Dew Dew, Dew Its« – selected by Onaka Koji
Shomei Tomatsu »Photographs 1951-2000« – selected by Russet Lederman
Toshithugu Yamawaki »Dual I & II« – selected by Clément Kauter

Christopher Anderson »Stump« – selected by Thiijs groot Wassink / WassinkLundgren
Paul Andriesse »Compared to What « – selected by Cuny Janssen
Ruth van Beek »The Arrangement« – selected by Willem van Zoetendaal
Pawel Bownik »Disassembly« – selected by Thomas Sauvin
Frédéric Brenner »An Archeology of Fear and Desire« – selected by Laura Moya
Lard Buurman »Africa Junctions« – selected by Viviane Sassen
John Cage and William Gedney »Iris Garden« – selected by Jason Fulford
Piergiorgio Casotti »Sometimes I cannot smile« – selected by Ed Templeton
Mark Cohen »Dark Knees« – selected by Kevin Messina
Eamonn Doyle »i« – selected by Martin Parr
Verónica Fieiras »the disappeared (1st and 2nd edition)« – selected by Josef Chladek
Joan Fontcuberta »Trepat« – selected by Xavier Barall and Timothy Prus
Jim Goldberg »Rich and Poor« – selected by Mikhael Subotzky
Guido Guidi »Veramente« – selected by Delphine Bedel
David Hornillos »Mediodía« – selected by Julián Barón and Ricardo Cases
Thilde Jensen »The Canaries« – selected by Gerry Badger and John Gossage
Vladislav Krasnoshek and Sergiy Lebedynskyy »Euromaidan« – selected by Hannah Watson
Jochen Lempert »Phenotype« – selected by Sebastian Arthur Hau
David Magnusson »Purity« – selected by Markus Schaden and Carlos Spottorno
Thomas Mailaender »The Night Climbers of Cambridge« – selected by Rémi Faucheux
Miscellaneous »The Unphotographable« – selected by Paul Schiek
Peter Mitchell »Strangely Familiar« – selected by Gordon MacDonald
Sakiko Nomura »Tamano« – selected by Nobuyoshi Araki
Momo Okabe »Bible« – selected by Manik Katyal
Aleix Plademunt »Almost There« – selected by Tony Cederteg
Michael Schmidt »Natur« – selected by Thomas Weski
Giovanna Silva »Inch by Inch House by House Alley by Alley« – selected by Kent Klich
Mikhael Subotzki »Ponte City« – selected by Susan Meiselas
Vasantha Yogananthan »Piémanson« – selected by Sonia Berger
Daisuke Yokota »Linger« – selected by José Pedro Cortes

Laila Abril »The Epilogue« – selected by Ramón Reverté
Christoph Bangert »War Porn« – selected by Gunawan Widjaja
Julián Barón »Los últimos días vistos del rey« – selected by Horacio Fernandez
Elegance Bratton »Bound by Night« – selected by Adam Murray
Terry Brown & Gordon Stettinius »Mangini Studio« – selected by Martin Parr
Alejandro Cartagena »Before the War« – selected by Manik Katyal
António Júlio Duarte »Japan Drug« – selected by Pedro Alfacinha
Laura El Tantawy »In the Shadow of the Pyramids« – selected by Gerry Badger, selected by Rudi Thoemmes
Stephen Gill »Pigeons« – selected by Maxwell Anderson
Geert Goiris »Prophet« – selected by Hans Gremmen
Go Itami »This year’s Model« – selected by José Manuel Suárez
Claudia Jaguaribe »EntreVistas« – selected by Pierre Bessard
Kim Kardashian »Selfish« – selected by Miti Ruangkritya
Sofie Knijff »ASNOIX« – selected by Gabriele Franziska Götz
Jungjin Lee »Unnamed Road« – selected by Wendy Ewald
Sylvain Maestraggi »Waldersbach« – selected by Sebastian Hau
Daniel Mayrit »You Haven’t Seen Their Faces« – selected by Juan Valbuena
Yann Mingard »Deposit« – selected by Louise Clements
Masakazu Murakami »KUMOGAKURE ONSEN: Reclusive Travels« – selected by Koji Onaka
Tiane Doan Na Champassak »Kolkata« – selected by Christoph Schaden
Kate Nolan »Neither« – selected by Douglas Stockdale
Mark Power »Die Mauer ist Weg!« – selected by Christian Patterson
Andy Rocchelli »Russian Interiors« – selected by Moritz Neumüller
LaToya Ruby Frazier »The Notion of Family« – selected by David Campany
Alina Schmuch »Script of Demolition« – selected by Jeffrey Ladd
Petra Stavast »Ramya« – selected by Katja Stuke
Paddie Summerfield »Mother and Father« – selected by Hannes Wanderer
Juan Valbuena »Salitre« – selected by Verónica Fieiras
Johann van der Keuken »Mise au jour« – selected by David Chickey
Awoiska van der Molen »Sequester« – selected by Ken Schles
Yuanyuan Yang »10 Days in Kraków« – selected by Yining He
Xu Yong »Negatives« – selected by Markus Schaden

Robbert Flick »LA Diary « -– selected by Mark Steinmetz
Fernell Franco »Cali clair-obscur« -– selected by Anatole Desachy
Paul Gaffney »Stray« -– selected by Bertien van Manen
Dima Gavrysh »Inshallah« -– selected by Franek Ammer
Harry Gruyaert »Harry Gruyaert « -– selected by Christopher Anderson
Claudia Heinermann »Wolfskinder« -– selected by Pierre Bessard
Marie-José Jongerius »Edges of the Experiment« -– selected by Carolyn Drake and selected by Sybren Kuiper
Dana Lixenberg »Imperial Courts 1993-2015« -– selected by Todd Hido
Henrik Malmström »Life Is One Live It Well« -– selected by Thomas Wiegand
Xavier Miserachs »Miserachs Barcelona« -– selected by Markus Schaden
Kazuma Obara »Silent Histories« -– selected by Mutuko Ota and selected by Ramon Pez
Vicente Paredes »PONY CONGO« -– selected by Angela Ferreira
Mariela Sancari »Moíses« -– selected by Larissa Leclair
Thomas Sauvin »Until Death Do Us Part« -– selected by Zhang Xiao
Michael Schmelling »My Blank Pages« -– selected by Sebastian Hau
Helge Skodvin »240 Landscapes« -– selected by Martin Parr
Alec Soth »Songbook« -– selected by Gerry Badger
Carly Steinbrunn »The Voyage of Discovery« -– selected by Maria Inc. (Emilie Hallard & Pablo Porlan)
Michele Tagliaferri »Grass« -– selected by Fosi Vegue
Munemasa Takahashi »Laying Stones« -– selected by Claude Lemaire
Phillip Toledano »Maybe « -– selected by Marina Paulenka
Issa Touma »Women We Have Not Lost Yet« -– selected by Richard Reisen
Shōji Ueda »Shōji Ueda« -– selected by BIND Collective and selected by Alec Soth
Javier Viver »Révélations. Iconographie de La Salpêtrière. Paris 1875-1918« -– selected by Ilkin Huseynov
Michio Yamauchi »Hong Kong 1995-1997« -– selected by Aya Takada
Daisuke Yokota »Taratine« -– selected by Misha Kominek
Chen Zhe »Bees & the Bearable« -– selected by Chen Shen

Valentina Abenavoli »Anaesthesia« (Akina Books) – selected by Lars Willumeit
Edmund Clark and Crofton Black »Negative Publicity« (Aperture) – selected by Rob Hornstra
Dieter De Lathauwer »I loved my wife)« (Lecturis) – selected by Tamara Berghmans
Leif Elggren Carl Michael von Hausswolff »The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland« (Art & Theory) – selected by Chiara Capodici
Petrus Fieret »Gerard Petrus Fieret« (Photo Institute Le Bal and Editions Xavier Barral) – selected by Willem van Zoetendaal
Alexander Gronskiy and Ksenia Babushkina »Schema« (Orbita) – selected by Ekaterina Zueva
Jan Gross »The Jungle Book« (Actes Sud) – selected by Yuan Di
Gregory Halpern »ZZYZX« (Mackbooks) – selected by Martin Amis
Mao Ishikawa »Red Flower, The Women of Okinawa« (Session Press) – selected by Lesley Martin
Miho Kajioka »And, where did the peacocks go?« (Selfpublished) – selected by Pierre Bessard
Korhan Karaoysal »Reason-Purpose« (MASA Books) – selected by Volkan Kiziltunc
Eric Kessels »Small Change« (Kesselskramer) – selected by Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt
Justine Kurland »Highway Kind« (Aperture) – selected by John Gossage
Jack Latham »Sugar paper theories« (Selfpublished) – selected by Laia Abril
Shane Lavalette »One Sun, One Shadow« (Selfpublished) – selected by Sebastian Hau
Anne Lefebvre »Hollingshausen« (Pierre van Kleist) – selected by Daniel Blaufuks
John MacLean »Hometowns« (jmaclean) – selected by Laurence Vecten
Arwed Messmer »Zelle/Cell« (Hatje Cantz) – selected by Gerry Badger
Richard Mosse »Incoming« (Mackbooks) – selected by Markus Schaden
Nicholas Muellner »In Most Tides An Island« (SPBH Editions) – selected by David Campany
Christof Nüssli »Withheld due to:« (Verlag cpress) – selected by Eva-Maria Kunz
Thomas Prior »Bomba« (Selfpublished) – selected by Jeffrey Ladd
Moises Saman »Discordia« (Selfpublished) – selected by Carlos Spottorno
Leif Sandberg »Ending« (Bœcker Books ) – selected by Yumi Goto
Thomas Sauvin »线 / Xian« (Selfpublished) – selected by Frederic Lezmi
Carlos Spottorno and »La Grieta« (Astiberri) – selected by Remi Coignet
Defrost Studio »IMMO Refugee« (Defrost Studio) – selected by Martin Parr
Batia Suter »Parallel Encyclopedia # 2« (Roma Publishing) – selected by Thomas Gust
Guy Tillim »Edit Beijing« (Editions Bessard) – selected by Anatole Desachy
Lorenzo Tricoli »Other Adventures of Pinocchio« (Skinnerboox and d&books) – selected by Federica Chiocchetti
Peter van Agtmael »Buzzing at the Sill« (Kehrer) – selected by Wolfgang Zurborn
Marie-Isabel Vogel, Alain Rappaport »Maximilian Stejskal – Folklig idrott« (Edition Patrick Frey) – selected by Brian Griffin
Sun Yanchu »Ficciones« (Jiazazhi Press) – selected by Zhang Xiao

Laia Abril »On Abortion« (Dewi Lewis) – selected by Rémi Coignet
Mathieu Asselin »Monsanto – A Photographic Investigation« (Verlag Kettler) – selected by Greger Ulf Nielson
Ludovic Balland »American Readers at Home« (Scheidegger & Spiess) – selected by Michael Mauracher
Tim Carpenter »Local Objects« (The Ice Plant) – selected by Gerry Badger
Sanne de Wilde »The Island of the Colorblind« (Kehrer Verlag) – selected by Wolfgang Zurborn
Carolyn Drake »Internat« (self published) – selected by Frederic Lezmi
Li Feng »White Night« (Jiazazhi Press ) – selected by Martin Parr
Stephen Gill »Night Procession« (Nobody) – selected by Sebastian Hau
Stephen Gill »Night Procession« (Nobody) – selected by Rinko Kawauchi
Anne Golaz »Corbeau« (MACK) – selected by Evita Goze
David Goldblatt »Structures of Dominion and Democracy « (Steidl) – selected by Curt Holtz
Daniela Keiser »Kairo« (Edition Fink) – selected by Katja Stuke
Stephan Keppel »Flat Finish« (FW:books) – selected by Alex Bocchetto
Stephan Keppel »Flat Finish« (FW:books) – selected by Michael Mack
Paul Kranzler and Andrew Phelps »The Drake Equation« (Fountain) – selected by Rainer Iglar
Sandrine Lopez »Moshé« (L’éditeur du dimanche) – selected by Delphine Bedel
Alix Marie »Bleu« (Morel Books) – selected by Frédérique Destribats
Raymond Meeks, Adrianna Ault and Tim Carpenter »dumbsaint 01: township & bremen grain« (TIS books) – selected by Susan Lipper
Susan Meiselas »Mediations« (Damiani) – selected by Russet Lederman
Luis Molina-Pantin »Testimonies of Corruption: A Visual Contribution to Venezuela’s Fraudulent Banking History« (Editorial RM ) – selected by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio
Nine Photographers »Witness, Kashmir 1986-2016 « (YAARBAL Press) – selected by Dayanita Singh
Max Pinckers » Margins of Excess« (self published) – selected by Markus Schaden
Roman Pyatkovka »You wait « (Red Zet) – selected by Pierre Bessard
Laurence Rasti »There Are No Homosexuals in Iran« (Edition Patrick Frey) – selected by Salvatore Vitale
Joachim Schmid »Paris, November 2015« (self published) – selected by Mishka Henner
Titus Simoens »For Brigitte« (Art Paper Edition) – selected by Tamara Berghmans
Andrea Stultiens »Ebifananyi« (Co-published with Paradox) – selected by Ben Krewinkel
Henk Wildschut »Ville de Calais« (self published) – selected by Hans Gremmen
Carmen Winant »My Birth« (SPBH Editions & ITI Press) – selected by Todd Hido
Christopher Wool »Westtexaspsychosculpture« (Holzwarth Publications) – selected by Morten Andersen
PublisherFBF Books
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceKassel Photobook Festival
Article IDart-49851


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