Klaas Verplancke – Magritte’s Apple
32 pages, 22.8 x 29.8 cm , 530 g.
Klaas Verplancke – Magritte’s Apple
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A man named René floats through the world of his dreams and imagination, fulfilling his desire to become a painter – of apples and hats, apple hats, apple-these and apple-thats. In his paintings, leaves are lips, baguettes are noses, the right side is never up, and the upside is never down.

Inspired by the artwork of René Magritte, these whimsical, subversive illustrations mix everyday objects and words together in ways that are guaranteed to make children laugh and think.
PublisherThames & Hudson
Author(s)Klaas Verplancke
Article IDart-49781


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