This is Gaudí
80 pages, 17.5 x 22.8 cm , 400 g.
This is Gaudí
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Antoni Gaudí has a reputation as monastic, mad, and hermetic. But the architect of many of the buildings that define Barcelona's cityscape was no mad eccentric. He was a genius inspired by his faith in nature and the divine.

Picking up the same strands of eclecticism and art nouveau current in fin de siècle European architecture, he transformed them into an idiom unique to himself and Barcelona to create a series of buildings as revolutionary in their engineering as they were astonishing for their spaces.

For Gaudí his work was his life, and this book reveals the exuberant world and groundbreaking work of this unique figure in the history of modern architecture.
PublisherLaurence King
NoteIllustrated by Christina Christoforou
Author(s)Mollie Claypool
Article IDart-49514
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